The Afternoon Dump: Historical Facebook Statuses, MLB’s Psychotic Closers, Pure Fricken Luck Putt, Scary Arsenio Hall, More Hot Katie Cleary, Marisa Miller In A Sword Fight, & Jessica Alba’s Sexiness


I want to meet a girl like Ana Hickman at the bars this weekend.

The summer has gone by so fast. I start school next Monday (on the 23rd). It sucks but I am ready for it, more people and more stuff to do when school is in session.

Colts start their preseason on Sunday. I am excited.

Have a good weekend.

Afternoon Dump

If historical events had facebook statuses [Cool Material]
Seven of MLB’s all time most psychotic looking closers [unathletic]
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Jack Nicklaus’ “Pure Fricken Luck” putt [The Big Lead]
12 year old girl gets a DWI in Minnesota, seriously? [Guyism]
Boston Chinatown batting cage [Totally Crap]
Enjoying some terrifying Arsenio Hall on Friday the 13th [Holy Taco]
5 other bada$$ dream teams in honor of ‘The Expendables’ [EgoTV]
Enjoying the hot Katie Cleary some more [Next Round]
Audrina Patridge is nipping out in her bikini [Celebrity Odor]
Marisa Miller got into a sword fight [Don Chavez]
Jessica Alba shows her sexiness yet again [Celebslam]
Kyla Cole shows her gorgeous blue eyes [Gunaxin]

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