Daily Dump: Sophie Reade’s Boobs Vs. The World, When NFLers Wore Glasses, Rex Ryan Is Wally Backman, Rob Dibble Talking Female Shopping Habits, LeBron Visits Cedar Point, Nolan Ryan Nikes, Katy Perry Salad & Anett In Latex!


Sophie Reade’s Boobs Vs. The World! Opens tonight at a screen near you.

Yes, we managed to sit through a few series of last night’s Panthers-Ravens game.

Our anger towards Jaws & Tirico is at an all-time high – already. Does everything have to be just so hilarious? Does it have to be laugh track at all times? Jesus, dorkwads, give it a break.

And then when the director calls for a group shot of the ESPN boys it always has to be Jaws smiling like he is fucked up on happy gas.

We get it, ESPN tells you to be ‘happy….fun…..excited.’

The act is old.


Today’s Dump:

…we get the day started with Bethanie, a computer science degree holder, who happens to sling drinks as a bartender and plays Guitar Hero in her lingerie – or something like that [The Smoking Jacket]

Simply Awesome: Remember when NFLers played while wearing glasses? F*cking dorks. [Mister Irrelevant]

Rex Ryan doing his best Wally Backman [The Sports Hernia]

Rob Dibble analyzing women at the ballpark & using Telestrator [DC Sports Bog]

LeBron visits amusement park, loses 3-point contest to this hipster [Detroit4Lyfe]

Dumped: Guy who let foul ball hit his GF is looking for a new GF [Guyism]

Hottest Baseball Ball Girls – mostly from Philly [It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

Predictable: WAG Abbey Clancy standing by Peter Crouch even though he allegedly banged a prostitue [GoalyMoly]

Even more sexiness from the UC Irvine volleyball team [FratHouse]

Seriously: Personalized Nolan Ryan Nikes [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy]

Yes! Guy gets hit by ice cream truck mixed w/ Inception soundtrack [BroBible]

That’s the last time mugger will mug – karate kick!….via [Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

One of Boston’s Finest: Lindsay has a tight body, and most likely, can drink our asses under the table [Barstool]

Open This Link & Be Fired: Alley is a cop looking to bust the bad guys [Boobie Blog]

Need some normal South African boobs to get you through the day? [Uncoached]

O.D. on Katy’s Perry’s motorboat worthy boobs this morning [CelebSlam]

We’re re-running this link because India Reynolds is insanely hot [LAX Time]

Victoria’s Secret Bra Shopping: Ladies, could you use some advice? [Celebridiot]

Chick In Latex Of The Day: Anett! Red! Straps! Our eyes!!!!! Burning!!! [Beer Goggler]

If only we were in Psyche 310 with these ladies [DeadArm]

Angelina’s instructions to boob implanter : “Go BIG!” [Heyman]

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