Buy "Saving Myself For Tebow" Shirt For Cute Kelly Chick In Finance You've Been Eating Lunch With

Normally, by this time on a Friday we’ve blown off the rest of the work day and would be at the bar.

But then an email dropped in from a rep from the aptly named corporation where selling the likeness of Tim Tebow is expected to make the entrepreneurs rich.

Personally, we could care less about this t-shirt business. There are dozens out there that have taken up the cause of outfitting realigious freaks who all of a sudden are huge fans of the ultra-violent, sex-crazed NFL.

Hey, have at it. Capitalism is wonderful.

So why are we making a big deal out of a t-shirt company? BC is smitten and that is very hard to do on a Friday when mixed drinks and poon is calling. But t-shirt girl instantly intrigued us. That smile. That happiness.

Does she realize it says “Saving Myself For Tebow” across her glorious chest?

Does she realize those pigtails are causing us convulsions and will ultimately lead to having her photo (and they sent the high res versions!) plastered on the Busted Coverage HQ bathroom stall door?

Some Fridays the booze must wait. Today pigtails was victorious.

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