Chris Berman Keeps Giant Chested Woman Warm At ESPYs – Still Married!


The last time we checked Chris Berman was still married.

Yeah, we’d be divorced at least 4-5 times too if BC pulled the same shit as Boomer. Dude has a very well documented past with the ladies and since we are running short on time we suggest you do a Google search for his history. Let’s just say that he’s not exactly shy when it comes to boobs – big ones – in his face.

And, of course, our researchers have discovered the Swami making himself comfortable with a lovely young lady at the ESPYs.

The lady in question is named Dylan.

Now, because there seem to be a bunch of asshole bloggers yanking our posts and not even giving us a complimentary reach around, we’re going to be the dicks and make you click through 10 insane photos to see Boomer with Dylan backed up against that Hall of Fame total package.

What do we know about the woman in question?

• She’s a business owner.

• Has worked for the fine folks at Playboy.

• Has a German Sheppard that looks like he’d kill.

• Likes golf.

• Likes football.

[imagebrowser id=185]

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