Brett Favre Watch: Mankato Pizza Ranch Pulls Free Buffet Offer From Gunslinger®, Gives It To Ryan Longwell

Tired of Brett Favre news.
Too bad. You’re getting more.
Here is the Pizza Ranch in Mankato, Minnesota. It’s an Upper Midwest pizza buffet where people looking to pound some double-cheeseburger and pepperoni belly up and don’t go home hungry.
The fine folks at the Mankato franchise decided that there was a simple way of gaining some free PR.
Offer Brett Favre free pizza if he shows up to camp.

From the local Fox affiliate:

The sign has been up on Madison Avenue for about a week now and has most people smiling…. But not everyone entirely gets the joke…Pizza Ranch employee Rusty Allison says, “We got a phone call the other day from an elderly lady who was commenting on it and she was so upset that we were going to give a celebrity, pro football player a free buffet and we had to charge her full price for it… so we kinda had to calm her down and remedy the situation… so everything worked out”Workers say that the sign has really helped bring in the business.

Now that the original Favre sign has run its course, Pizza King went gonzo.
According to the TwitPic from @mkiedrowski, the ‘za slingers have rescinded their Favre deal and have brought Ryan Longwell into the mix.
[Pizza Ranch]

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