Hot Hockey Daughter Alyonka Larionov Is Back & Trailing Alexander Ovechkin Around The World

You might remember Alyonka Larionov from her quick rise to fame in 2009 via the NHL Awards where she was on the arm of Alexander Ovechkin.
Hockey dorks were hoping for a marriage because the resulting spawn would have Igor Larionov blood, insane scoring instincts and a mother with model looks.
But the Ovechkin-Larionov relationship was just friends hanging out at an awards party and nothing more. Flash forward to 2010. Alyonka is back and helping make a documentary (YouTube videos of Ms. Larionov in Russia) on Ovechkin’s life as Russia’s most beloved sports playboy.

We’re not sure what to expect from a Ovechkin documentary but this small snippet shows you how he drives a car in smog filled Moscow. Alyonka has been trailing her old friend around the world to show how the NHL’s best player manages to have a blast as a rich guy who plays hockey.
The only way to really get people’s attention here is to say that Larionov is sleeping with Alex. But, it’s not happening.
As it has been reported this month, he’s found a piece of arm candy that happens to be a Russian model.
But that isn’t stopping us from bringing Alyonka back into the consciousness of the blogosphere, especially when there are new photos of her holding a gun, being sexy in a doorway and other random shots that got our interest.
[Alyonka Larionov – Tumblr]
[Alyonka Larionov – Twitter]

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