Cuff 'Em: A Wet T-Shirt/Bra At Waterpark Lands This Woman In Jail


As you thought from the headline, this comes from Florida and is a story that has been brewing for a couple months.

Florida craziness! Get some!

When Janet Lovett took her 7-year-old son to the city’s Splash Park this spring, she never thought police would slap handcuffs on her and haul her off to the Lake County Jail after her T-shirt and bra became wet.

Lovett was arrested because she refused to give an officer her name after she was told to cover up. She was booked on a misdemeanor count of obstructing an officer without violence. However, the State Attorney’s Office declined to file charges.

“She was minding her own business,” Winter Park attorney Howard Marks, who is representing Lovett, said Thursday. “She was taking her child to a splash park and then winds up five hours in jail. That’s a bad day.”

Let us go back to our youth for just a minute this morning.

Summer. Public pool. Bikinis galore. Hormones.

There always seemed to be that college-aged to 27-year-old new born mom who was sportin’ those monster mom cans that can drive a 13-year-old to crazy thoughts.

Bikinis were good enough for us, but the Holy Grail was when the women showed up in a transparent bikini that turned into see-thru bikini via a couple ounces of pool water. It was like a dream come true and probably led us down this path of blogging.

[Mom plans to sue Tavares for arrest following wet T-shirt at children’s park]

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