Where In The World Is Brett Favre? Shopping At A Publix!

You people act like Brett Favre is the anti-Christ.

You act like you’d love to see him go away and fish/hunt/pet his dogs.

But, for some reason, you just keep coming back for more. And more. Over and over. This morning we went on our usual Brett Favre search to see what’s doing and BC found some dude going paparazzi on the Gunslinger® in a Publix.

Yep, the guy actually walks into grocery stores to buy Gladware. See the Regular Joe Gunslinger® making a Publix run after the jump.

So, what is Brett waffling on here?

• Interlocking lid or regular locking lid?

• Double seal or normal seal?

• Entree or Deep Dish?

• Soup & Salad or Variety Pack?

Look, just grabbing some Gladware, to most guys, isn’t a huge ordeal. We just grab something big enough to take a 4-inch thick piece of lasagna to work.

When the Gunslinger® goes to Publix, dilemmas ensue. His life must really suck with all of these massive decisions on his brain.