Chicks Throwing First Pitches: CNN’s Robin Meade Shows Off Right Arm To Cleveland Indians Fans; Gardenhire Sends Ballboy For Autograph


You watch her in the morning while contemplating an excuse to call off work.

She mesmerizes you while hitting on all the important news like Mel Gibson rants, last night’s reality TV news and which Hollywood celebrity is sleeping around.

Robin Meade is originally from northern Ohio (full Wiki bio) so this weekend was a homecoming for the CNN Headline News morning anchor. She was in town to belt out a few tunes, throw out the first pitch and give the locals something to look at besides fat women slamming a few chili dogs.

We’ve tracked first pitches most of the 2010 season and Robin Meade is easily a Top 5 Hot Chick Throwing First Pitch candidate. Maybe second to Anna Kournikova.

Once voted America’s Sexiest Newscaster, Meade was Miss Ohio back in 1992 so she has game in Ohio where fans need something to take their minds off another losing season, the loss of LeBron and the upcoming disaster that is the Browns.

But here is possibly the biggest news of Meade throwing out the first pitch.

She was approached by a Minnesota Twins ballboy to autograph a baseball for Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.


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