Sentence 'Em: Is That The Face Of A Scumbag Who Would Watch Football & Leave His Mother To Shit On Herself In Bathtub – For 18 Hours?

The next time you get in a fight with your mother and she thinks her parenting went wrong somewhere along the way, just remember this story.

Meet Douglas Noah Marcks. That is him above. He was sentenced this week to five years in prison for his caretaker techniques. You see, his mother came second – to football.

Investigators were alerted to a problem when Marcks called emergency dispatchers in 2007 to report his mother was unconscious in the bathtub. He had reportedly left her there, in her own feces, for 18 hours while he watched TV in another room. He checked on her infrequently.

Investigators also found feces throughout her bedroom and described the condition of the house as deplorable. Bernice Marcks died in 2008, after she was removed from Marcks’ care.

Let us put this in layman’s terms.

Dude figured out that he could live off his mother’s Social Security payments because he was taking care of her. He started off this caretaker job with enthusiasm and vigor. Things were going smoothly during the summer of 2007. Mother and son were going about their business. And then came Labor Day weekend when college football started. The Oregon Ducks. Seattle Seahawks. Etc.

ESPN GameDay. NFL pre-games.

Then one Sunday, Doug got up at 6 PST and put his mother in the tub for her morning bath. He went in to catch Suzy Kolber’s NFL show. That led into SportsCenter Sunday Morning, followed by Countdown, followed by two games until 4 pm PST, followed by the post-game shows on Fox, CBS & ESPN, followed by the Sunday Night Football game that would end by about 9 pm EST. That’s 13 hours of football. We’re not sure if he passed out from a football overdose, but there were another 5 hours added to the disaster.

Of course mom was in the tub shitting on herself. And thirsty. Hungry.

She eventually died from lack of care and Doug will now spend a few years thinking of that day when football became more important than his mother. Such a tragedy.

[Portland man who left his mother in bathtub for 18 hours gets a five-year prison sentence]