Former Florida State Cowgirl Allison Torres Says She's Seen Brett Favre's Dick Photo: "It Wasn't Even Hard."

Well, the Brett Favre Sends Jenn Sterger Photos Of His Dick story just got much more interesting.

Allison Torres, a former Florida State Cowgirl who is very close with Jenn Sterger, went on Playboy radio yesterday to talk about men, being naked and ended up breaking huge news on Brett Favre’s penis.

Those cellphone pics that Brett supposedly sent Sterger? It’s all true, says Torres, giving the story legs. Time to roll with this one, mainstream media.

And how did it look, ladies? Allison tells all. After the jump.

Posted: by Playboy last night

Premise of Video: We’ve covered that already.

Climax of Video: “It wasn’t even, like, a good hard cock shot.”

Conclusion: The radio dude ends the interview with a stupid one-liner and doesn’t ask the follow-up: “Would you hit it?”

Want to see the NSFW Allison Torres photos? This should keep you busy.

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