Daily Dump: International Beer Day Painted Babes, Mixed Sex Gay Games Figure Skating!, Dirty Seattle Seahawks Action, 15 Hottest X-Games Chicks, Rome vs. Shaq Twitter War, Dirty Boat Names, Tiger Woods Wet Dream, Vikki Blows & Queen Latifah Bikini Action

Elena Asimakopoulos (link probably will get you fired) & today’s best hand bra.

Say Quinn Pitcock makes the Seattle Seahawks roster this year.

Would it be wrong for fans to hold up a giant Madden ’11 poster in the stands when he comes to your town? We say yes. This guy actually quit football over video games and says things were so bad that he actually had to burn the games in order to get himself away from the addictive behavior.

TLC will be on this shit like white on rice. Just watch. They’ll be following fratties who can’t pull themselves away from an XBox three-day bender. This shit will be riveting TV.

Day Two: fratty hitting his 10th 5 Hour Energy Drink during a 3-hour period. TLC can make at least one season out of such an addiction.



Today’s Dump:

…this will blow your mind on International Beer Day. Mega gallery of naked chicks painted with beer logos such as Coors, Miller and Heineken. Sorry Natty Light fans, no boobies for you [Coed]

Because this shit never ceases to not make us laugh – mixed sex figure skating at the 2010 Gay Games! [Out Sports]

Two chicks doing dirty things at a Seattle Seahawks fan college apt. party [DoubleViking]

Oklahoma St. bikini cheerleader action if you are bored [FratHouse Sports]

15 Hottest X-Games Chicks Ever! EVER! EVER!!@! [Bleacher Report]

The Best NY Daily News Baseball Cover EVER! EVER!!! A-Rod Cover [Sports Hernia]

Michael Irvin boned his wife while wearing HOF blazer [Last Angry Fan]

Jim Rove Vs. Shaq Twitter WAR! It’s On, Bitches! [Larry Brown]

Want to buy the Fox Sports football robot in Redskins colors? You can! [Mister Irrelevant]

Must-See Japanese Outfielder Robs Home Run Video Of The Day [It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

Just buy a boat? Need a dirty boat name? Here are 25 Dirty Boat Names [Manofest]

The Worst Orange Glow Photos On The Internet [EgoTV]

Watch this rocket sled destroy this car….via….[Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

A NSFW Link Just For Tiger Woods – Something tells us that guy would love to jump in the middle of this threesome – or at least have text sex with them [BoobieBlog]

Get Yourself Canned From The Job Photos Of The Day – Vikki Blows! [LAX Time]

Marie has the scariest French Double Gs you’ll see all day [Heyman Hustle]

Hot Canadian Tail? Yep, here you go – Sarah Mutch! [Gunaxin]

Here is what we assume Queen Latifah lesbos out with [Yeeeah]

Jessica-Jane Clement=wood. [Guyism]

For our Indie readers: 25 Hottest Short Hair Actresses & Singers [BroBible]

Yeah, we’re not busting your balls. This chick goes by Prinzzess [Beer Goggler]

This is your last chance to vote for hottest piece of tail in St. Louis [Inside STL]

We want to rip these jeans off Florencia Salvioni [UseMyComputer]

The best Sophie Howard NSFW in lingerie photos of the day [NSFW POA]

Sophie Turner takes to beach, grabs rings for a little stretch action [Moe Jackson]