Daily Dump: Busted Coverage’s Run-In With Banana Boat, Marisa Miller Talks About Turn-Ons, Korean Reservoir Dog Futbol Security, Ron Zook Sings, Softball Coach In Bikini, Drunken Motorboating, Reef Girl Fail & Abi Titmuss!

Need to blow off some time at your shitty job? This link to T&A should keep you busy, chief.

So we walk last night into our regular Wednesday night watering hole to hear a friend of Busted Coverage strum a few songs. It’s your normal strip mall bar that doesn’t waste time with chicken chunks. Straight up booze.

Anyway, things seemed a little strange before we even walked in the door.

There was a van in the parking lot advertising strippers. Great, we thought. Our lucky night.

So the door is opened, we walk in and our friend’s wife says “Um, there is a 40th birthday party and there is a stripper here tonight.”

Our lucky night! Boobs, beer, baseball on the TV. No kids.

And then there it is. The banana boat swung into view like a brick wall waking you up just before impact. What f@cking bar allows a bunch of horny women to celebrate a 40th and bring in a male stripper. Our asses backpedaled with record speed.

Lesson? Banana boats equal a sober night at home.



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