Cuff 'Em: Why Is This Naked Drunk Guy Being Tased Outside Alabama Bar?

We feel like playing a little game with Cuff ‘Em today.

You guess why this naked guy is being Tased outside an Alabama bar and we give you the reasons after the jump.

Nothing is more exciting than a dark Alabama night lighting up via a deployed Taser. FIRE!

From WAFF48:

A Florence man faces charges after allegedly streaking through downtown Florence and a bar.

Florence Police arrested John Danny Kinard, 49, Florence, after they confronted him as he was naked at “On The Rock,” a downtown Florence bar.

Bar patrons said Kinard was combative and wouldn’t listen to officers after putting his pants back on.

Naked streaker, please. When are you going to learn? These cops have had enough of your stupid asses.

If you are new to Busted Coverage, you might not have noticed the new wave in policing morons. The Taser. These cops are blasting voltage into people at a growing rate. And not just a single shot. Sometimes we are seeing drunken idiots get blasted like 2-3 times before they decide to comply.

Take this idiot. All he had to do was put on some clothes. Nothing pisses off a police dude like having dong flopping in his face. Learn it, streakers.

[Florence streaker charged with two misdemeanors]

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