Bronson Arroyo Nasty Hook Boat Beef: "Why Are You Trying To Ruin My Life?"

Boat Beef in question: far left

Who knew that a fun Bronson Arroyo Nasty Hook Boat Beef story would create such an uproar. Busted Coverage has been sent several emails on the parties that take place after Reds games on the greatest pussy wagon an athlete could ever own.

One emailer wrote:

Bronson pays one of his friends to operate and drive the boat.  One of his life long buddies from Key West.  His job is to get the boat ready for after home games on the Ohio River. Always filled with girls.

Innocent enough.

But then we also received an angry email from one of those boat beefers. For some reason she is suddenly not happy to have been spotted hopping on the Nasty Hook.

It’s not like it was our intention to piss off a chick who we thought would be a treasure-trove of boat photos as the Reds get closer to a division crown.

Of course we want to see what kind of tail Bronson pulls if the Reds clinch at home.

Where did all these pictures come from and why are you people trying to ruin my life? Bronson and I are FRIENDS and that’s it.

Ruining lives?

What the hell, honey. You post photos online and they are suddenly seen by the masses and Busted Coverage is ruining your life. Maybe thinking twice about hitting UPLOAD would be the smart advice here.

We just report on the boat parties.

This isn’t our first rodeo with Bronson and the boat. Just have fun, ladies. Drink a couple of beverages. Let loose. And don’t forget to send us pics.

Have photos of a Bronson Arroyo boat party that you’d like to share with the masses? Email us.

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