NFL Dick Haircut Rookie Hazing Photos: Jacksonville Jaguars Vet Uche Nwaneri Can Handle The Shears!


What are NFL rookies?

Dickheads in the minds of vets who’s job is to make rookie training camp miserable.

Then came the TwitPics from Jags offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri and haircuts administered to boys fresh out of college where they were big shits.

Now they are nothings with dicks cut into their heads. Team building, bitches. Next time don’t show up to camp with hair.

Photos. Jump. You know the drill.

We’re not sure which rookies are photographed and there are no descriptions on the TwitPic account.

These rooks could be undrafted free agents, guys picked up off the streets to have dicks cut into their hair or guys that will carry water bottles all year.

We have no idea.

But, what we do know is that this simply amazing work by the Jags vets. If only that Tebow to the Jags scenario would have become a reality.


Anyone know what the hell this is below?

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