Cuff 'Em: Is This The Face Of A Guy Who Would Bite Off His Roommate's Nose?


Welcome to a new day and a new criminal act we’d never heard of before.

The face above belongs to John Olele, a Boise resident who just might have topped Mike Tyson for the most gruesome use of one’s mouth in a fight.

Our boy John bit off his roommate’s nose. BIT THE DAMN THING RIGHT OFF!

When officers arrived, they found an adult male with most of his nose missing. Authorities say the suspect, John Olele, and the victim got into a verbal argument which turned violent.

Police searched the yard where the fight occurred but were unable to find the victim’s nose. He has been hospitalized.

Well that sucks. Doesn’t look like dude is getting his schnoz back. That must be frustrating on the singles dating scene. Look, it must suck to be handicapped but our asses would gladly lose the lower half of a leg over losing a nose. At least we can cover up our stump.

Take away our nose and there goes our beauty. And nothing to ever pick!


There are no winners here. The dude is going to prison. The other dude will never again score with the ladies. And the cops are forever pissed they couldn’t be the one to find the missing nose because you know ‘Find A Nose’ pays huge in their police prop bet gambling pool.

[Police: Piece of victim’s nose missing after fight bite]

Know more about this fight? Know the guy who had his nose bitten off? Email us. We’d love to see before & afters.

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