Cuff 'Em: This Guy Is Accused Of Shoplifting Bud Light, Bacon, Tide & Butane Lighters (With Incriminating Evidence)


We’ve seen thousands of arrest stories over the nearly 3 years that this site has been in operation, but this might be the strangest one ever.

Dateline: Lexington, KY (this weekend)

Police say they were called out to the Kroger on Bryan Station Road on a report of a car with duct tape over the license plate. Officers caught up with the vehicle at Broadway and Broadview, and arrested two people on shoplifting charges. A third person escaped on foot.

Police say the shoplifters’ haul included beer, bacon, Tide and a flat of butane lighters.

We’re trying to figure out the mindset with this one. Was the Tide box supposed to act as camouflage for the giant 24 packs of Bud Light? How did the bacon make it into the mix? No tomatoes? Lettuce?

The video of the arrest is classic police work. Watch as the fuzz piles up the loot next to the van with Ohio license plates. And then watch as police dude starts to put the Tide on top of the Bud. And then there is black guy acting like, “Shit, man, I was goin’ to get my drink on and do some laundry.”

[Video: Shoplifters Make Off With Odd Haul]

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