Bronson Arroyo's Alleged Road Beef Vs. Alleged Girlfriend: Who Are You Taking For Ride On Nasty Hook?


The alleged Bronson Arroyo girlfriend, Kerry.

An unusual email popped up in our inbox last week dealing with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

It seems that some chick found our legendary post where Arroyo, Pedro Martinez and girls were partying on the Nasty Hook.

“The party pics from Bronson’s boat “Nasty Hook” seem to keep popping up all over the place,” the emailer wrote. Then we were informed that the emailer was also sending a photo of Bronson’s alleged ‘mistress’ and his alleged ‘girlfriend.’

We love it when jealous Jersey Chasers® help write Busted Coverage on a Monday.

The editors aren’t looking for a lawsuit so attorneys are advised that the following is just hypothetical. We are, however, positive that the emailer wrote that the following implanted chick is Arroyo’s ‘alleged’ mistress.

Bloggers call it road beef, especially when the chick is sportin’ a pair of implants like these.

The alleged Bronson Arroyo road beef, Nicole.

Let’s face it, one of these ladies screams “Take my ass to dinner and treat me like the millionaire girlfriend I am.” Then, on the other hand, we have, “Treat me like the road beef I am and don’t forget to leave 10 Benjys on the dresser when you leave for the ballpark.”

Now, who are we taking for a ride on the Nasty Hook? Obviously not the one that has that “pain in the ass, won’t let me get drunk and do backflips off the boat chick.”

But, as you guys know, athletes have to have balance in their lives. The road beef isn’t very good when it comes to acting like a lady at very important functions like the ESPYs, the Reds end of year player awards night party, etc.

Have photos of Arroyo road beef or any other road beef with her man? Email us so we can analyze.

An alleged Bronson Arroyo Nasty Hook boat party action shot.

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