Naked Twitter Chick Post Of The Day: Playboy’s Shannon James Graduates Cum Laude

Welcome to our new morning feature at Busted Coverage where we’ll take you inside the minds of naked chicks who Twitter.

Never before in the history of hot chicks has there been a confluence of brains, fingertips and computers. Before, if we wanted to know a hot chick’s thoughts in 140 characters or less it would have been from a questionnaire in the centerfold of a Playboy. The world has changed and now, in the middle of the night, man can be mesmerized by a tweet.

Leave it to Busted Coverage researchers to find the latest and greatest.

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We’re still efforting the college that Playboy’s Shannon James – Miss May 2007 – graduated from because there are some lucky dudes who were in study groups with this lovely 23-year-old.

It’s unclear what career James will use her honors degree but we suggest public relations. A job offer from BC is officially on the table.


[Get fired from your job Shannon James photos]

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