The Afternoon Dump: Strasburg On The DL, Best Moments of Emmitt Smith, 25 Shots To The Groin, Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher, Hilarious Southern Guy, Katie Price’s Nice Jugs, & Megan Fox’s Sexy Tummy


Wow, Katie Cleary is looking sexy in this bikini.

I don’t know if I am alone on this subject but ‘Grounded For Life’ is actually a pretty good show. Actually, I probably am the only one who thinks that.

Baseball is weird right now. It is another day when there aren’t that many games. I guess they must even it out for all of the teams.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

What a great sight, Jordan, Bird, and Magic Johnson on the same team [Tremendous Upside Potential]
Strasburg to DL [Big League Stew]
Novak Djokovic hits hot ball girl in the head [unathletic]
Top 15 moments in Emmitt Smith’s career [Bleacher Report]
So what is the real reason that ESPN removed the Lebron partying story? [The Big Lead]
Does i-dosing really work? [Asylum]
This may be lame but I am happy these people didn’t try and kill the bear [Regretful Morning]
25 shots to the groin [Holy Taco]
Flamethrower vs. Fire extinguisher [Totally Crap]
‘They rapin’ e’rybody out heah’ [The Smoking Jacket]
Odette Yustman makes her case in Women’s Health Magazine [Guyism]
Katie Price promotes her novel with her nice jugs [Don Chavez]
Tianna Ta is a hottie from Massachusetts [F-Listed]
Victoria Beckham looks great in this Turkish version of Vogue [The Beer Goggler]
Megan Fox’s sexy belly [Pick Me Up! News]

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