Nightcapper: Rick Pitino's Extortion Case Sex Testimony Is Riveting – Talk Of Pulling Out, 15 Seconds, Fertility & Abortion

The great state of Kentucky is abuzz today over the testimony of one Rick Pitino in the extortion case that revolves around himself and a woman named Karen Sypher.
You know the story. She wanted money to stay quiet about sex that happened at a restaurant.
Well…..Ricky cam clean in court this afternoon and Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio was in the courtroom as Pitino told the world about his “15 seconds.”
And about how Sypher “opened his pants.”
Highlights after the jump.

• Pitino said he met Sypher at the bar when she came over and asked him to tell her son Happy Birthday on the phone. He did and he didnt see her again until later in the night. With the restaurant shutting down, he purchased Sypher a drink and they began to talk at the bar.
• They had a drink and moved to a booth just behind the bar. Pitino said, “one thing led to another” and then she “opened up my pants.” She asked Pitino if he had a condom and he said no. She said “well you have to pull out because I am fertile.”
• Pitino continued and the entire sexual encounter “took less than 15 seconds.” He said he knows that he did not ejaculate inside of her.
• Pitino then said he “made arrangements” with Tim Sypher to find a place for her to have an abortion if she chose to have one. Pitino said he found a place in Cincinnati but didnt know if she would end up having the abortion.
There is much more than this. You’ll have to grab a beer and buckle in for the full report.
Have fun.
We’re out early.

[Sypher Trial Day 3A: The Pitino Testimony]

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