NFL '10 Fan Training Camp: Colts Backer NEEDS This Piece Of Junk RV For '10 Tailgating Season

Welcome to our new feature here at Busted Coverage where we will prepare football fans for the upcoming season with must-haves, wants, wishes, dreams, etc.
You’ve spent the last 3-4 months trying to care about baseball, basketball, women’s softball, soccer, etc. but you cannot possibly stop thinking of 6 months of football that is quickly approaching. Teams are in the process of gathering for training camp. So are you, via Busted Coverage.
Buckle the beer can belt and visit us daily for the latest and greatest gadgets that’ll make your 2010 football season the drunkest, best ever.
Today’s Must-Have: NFL team R.V.
Because pulling up to Lucas Oil Stadium in the Pontiac isn’t getting the job done.

Where To Buy It: eBay (Buy It Now – $3,500)
What: 1978 Travel Craft RV

Chevy drive train, 350ci engine/turbo 400 transmission. PS, PB. Engine and trans rebuilt 40k miles ago. Tires, brakes, and hoses 2 yrs ago. Belts, wiper blades, and tune up 1yr ago. Runs, drives, and stops great. Electric Roof Top A/C, LP furnace, LP hot water heater, LP stove/oven, kitchen sink, large LP tank, large water tank w/ elec pump, full bathroom w/ flushing toilet, sink, bath & shower all of which work great! Seats 10-12 people comfortably and sleeps 6 comfortably. Lots of cabinets for storage. RV is painted official Colts Blue and has vinyl Colts lettering and graphics. This is a great RV for COLTS TAILGATING! Things that DO NOT work: cruise control (we only drive it downtown so no big deal), engine driven A/C unit (roof top unit works great and normally you don’t need A/C during Colts season), and refrigerator (may work if recharged ?, we just load up the coolers!).

Why Own It: You are getting close to the mid-life crisis stage. You and Jeff went in on season tickets and the dream is to spend 3-4 years living the high life on Sunday and returning to the shitty ‘can’t wait until I retire job’ on Monday. Plus, you get more use out of it in the winter over the expensive Harley idea.
Etc: Buy it and get a custom paint job on the hood of a splattered Vince Young. You will be an instant Colts tailgating legend.

Photo: Cum Husk? What The Hell Is That, Phillies Fan?
Photo: Cum Husk? What The Hell Is That, Phillies Fan?
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