5 Greatest Hits Delivered By Jack Tatum

Why did football overtake baseball during the early to mid-90s as America’s sport?
As baseball became the pure sport where teams weren’t brawling over plays at third base or getting into bloody brawls over head hunting, football quickly became a destination for a society that was becoming more and more violent.
Don’t believe us? Look up the pay-per-view numbers when cage fighting started appearing in the mid-to-late 90s. Look at the boxing pay-per-view numbers when Mike Tyson was putting opponents into retirement.
The guy who modernized football violence from his safety position in the late 70s died yesterday in Oakland at 61 after suffering a heart attack.
In his honor, we take a look back at the “5 Greatest Hits Delivered By Jack Tatum.”
Jack vs. Vikings receiver Sammy White during Superbowl 11


Somehow Jack was voted #6 on NFL.com’s All-Time Most Feared Tacklers


Oh, look, R&B put together with Jack Tatum hits! It’s like a music video of hits!


6 minutes of Jack & his boys blasting opponents with the music from NFL Films. This one brings chills.


…and finally, the AP report on Tatum’s death with photos/insight into the Tatum hit that paralyzed the Dolphins Darryl Stingley.


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