Maurice Clarett Returns To Ohio State For Classes; This Guy Beats ESPN, Adam Schefter/Mort/Clayton, Local TV Stations, TMZ, Radar, Etc. To Story

Big news out of Ohio State. Big news. Major! Exciting.
Maurice Clarett is back. That’s right Ohio State fan, your boy is back on campus and ready to buckle down for classes (enrolled in summer second semeseter), according to Columbus media outlets such as the Columbus Dispatch.
But, we want to give credit where credit is due. You know how ESPN always runs a crawl saying, “Adam Schefter reports…..that Brett Favre just dropped a deuce…..”
Yeah, well, we went back in Twitter history and figured out who broke the news about Clarett.

Just once, we would like to see one of these sports outlets say, once it’s verified and vetted, that Brent Walker Jr. is reporting that Maurice Clarett is taking classes at Ohio State.

Kudos, Brent.

Now you can go back to obscurity.


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