Cuff ‘Em: Pen Stabbing Rocks Comic Con; Geeks Turning Violent On Each Other!

This went down Saturday at Comic Con:

A young man was arrested at the Comic-Con exposition Saturday and accused of stabbing another attendee with a pen, San Diego police said.The two young men, both in their early 20s, were seated in Hall H, the convention center ballroom where studios parade stars and filmmakers, when one accused the other of sitting too close to him, police said. The two got into a fight, and one was stabbed near the eye with the pen, police said.

The fight occured before a panel discussion of the movie “Resident Evil: Afterlife.”

Yep, the dude being led out of Con via police escort is wearing a Harry Potter shirt.

Let this soak in for a minute and then think of that bat-shit crazy dude you know who is totally into comic books, Harry Potter, wizardry, black, closed curtains, Tosh.0 marathons and anime porn. That guy is one move with a Bic pen away from taking your life.

Watch your back.

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[Comic Con Stabber – Video – YouTube]