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(40 Photos) Are You Still In Love With Larissa Riquelme After Seeing These Lingerie, Hand Bra, Sand Bra & Birthmark/Leg Mole Photos?

Over the weekend it was brought to the attention of Busted Coverage that there was a slew of new Larissa Riquelme photos from the Brazilian purveyors of everything skin, Paparazzo.

We knew that meant plenty of lingerie, hand bras and sexiness.

What BC wasn’t expecting was to finally be smacked in the face by the giant birthmark/mole on Riquelme’s left leg.

Can we look past it? Is she sexy even with that giant bullseye? This is still being debated amongst the editors. One thing we’ve concluded, she has dropped at least 8 spots in on our “Chicks Who Became Famous During The 2010 World Cup,” list.

That mark is permanently on our minds.

[nggallery id=175]

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