Weekend Dumpage: Busted Coverage Looking For Alabama-Florida Accommodations/Tailgate, 32HH Jordan Carver Talks Hairy Chests, Mayweather’s $50k iPod, Floyd At A Cockfight, National Tequila Day & Stripper Says Yankee Is Her Regular

Guess That SI Swimsuit Model Ass: (Not the one on the left, fools)

Oh, hello there weekend readers.

Yep, we’re coming back from a long weekend hiatus because football has officially started with the opening of Dallas Cowboys camp last night in San Antonio. This site will now, as you know, go balls to the walls with football from now until February 2011.

As you also know, BC goes on an annual fall football trip. Yesterday, on a whim, we dropped some large coin for  tickets to the Alabama-Florida showdown in Tuscaloosa.

Now, the bad part. F@cking hotel rooms. Jesus H. We found out that all 5 hotels in Tuscaloosa quickly sellout.

Who has a house we can flop at? Anyone?



Today’s Dump:

…we get the weekend party started with 32HH Jordan Carver talking about how she likes men with muscular, hairy chests and to be touched on her hips – read on and learn something fool [The Smoking Jacket]

So Floyd Mayweather decided his life wouldn’t be complete without this $50k diamond iPod necklace. And here we thought getting a black MacBook Pro would be so cool. [Barstool Sports]

Speaking of Floyd, here he is at a cockfight [YouBeenBlinded]

What Lady Gaga song do the Indians rock out to? [Ted Williams Head]

Want to name your kid ESPN? Go for it, d-bag [Out of Bounds]

Today is National Tequila Day! Quervo Girls! Patron Babes! [Coed]

Stripper says she has a regular who is a Yankee – any guesses? [Don Chavez]

Think you had a bad work week? Check out the photo of this F-16 pilot ejecting from his ride just before it went up in a huge ball of flames. Impressive! [BroBible]

Blogger calls on Jenn Sterger to lose job after bukkake tweet [Bobs Blitz]

In case you missed this, the Field of Dreams house is for sale. $5.4 million. Suck it, Whiffleball dad. Your kids need the ultimate baseball field & corn, too [SharapovasThigh]

Bill Cowher’s wife has passed [Post-Gazette]

Massive hit-and-run ends Tour de France without champagne in Paris [Onion]

Your very 1st John Wall jersey douchebag [DC Sports Bog]