Cuff 'Em: Oh, Look, Former NBAer Charles Shackleford Is Slinging Prescription Drugs


Jim Valvano would be so proud.

“There was an undercover drug operation conducted today and it resulted in the arrest of Charles Shackleford in the sale and delivery of 150 Lortabs, which is a controlled substance,” LCSO Maj. Chris Hill said.

For those of you who were just a twinkle in your daddy’s eye back in the late 80s, Shackleford was a 6-11 rebounding machine for N.C. State who then went to the Association where he would probably be welcomed back with open arms these days because all ballers stick together.

Instead, he’s slinging Lortabs and likely dranken’ some Sip-Sip here and there.

[Shackleford arrested – ENC Today]

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