Photos That Prove Why & How Jimmy Johnson Could Win Survivor – He’s Been Living Island Lifestyle For Years

When news broke this week that Jimmy Johnson is considering a part on the next Survivor on CBS, we started thinking back to all the photos over the years we’ve seen where JJ was already living the island lifestyle.

Now we find the Orlando Sentinel questioning whether Johnson could survive. Then there is the L.A. Times worrying about how the former Cowboys coach would hold up.

Bitches, you better back off. This guy has been a machine in tropical humidity, Caribbean fishing grounds and figuring out how to get drunk on nearly every island he steps foot on.

Hence, “Photos That Prove Why & How Jimmy Johnson Could Win Survivor.”

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How Jimmy could win:

• He can find food.

• Looks – like any hot chick is going to want to kick off a Panther.

• Wits – the guy won Super Bowls while the other guys are still trying to figure out how to tie knots.

• He’s already tanned like a leather jacket. He’s not scared of some heat.

• Jimmy is the party. Who wants to kick off the guy who makes us all smile and laugh?

• The party hair. Everyone in the cast wants to see how it holds up over 30 days or so.

It’s his to win, unless some dork starts backstabbing Jimmy over how much money he already has in his off-shore accounts. That could be his downfall, unless he talks the hot chicks into some scenario where he gives them the money.

It could be the way to a victory and a Captain Morgan’s shower.

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