Cuff 'Em: Drunken Jaguars Ticket Sales Manager Nearly Tasered, Resigns; More Blackouts In Jacksonville?


Thomas Patterson, hired less than a year ago as the Jaguars’ senior sales manager for season and premium seating, resigned after he was jailed for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest following an incident Sunday night at a Southside apartment complex. According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Patterson, 35, was uncooperative and yelled an expletive to an off-duty police officer who was called about a disturbance at the Tapestry Park apartment’s pool area.

After his arrest, Patterson said he drank five beers earlier in the night, according to the report.

A Taser was nearly blasted into Patterson but cooler heads prevailed Sunday night. Honestly, we wish the Taser would have been used because it would be the very first “Taser Used On NFL Ticket Sales Manager,” headline on BC. These normally docile creatures usually just crave the hunt for rich people with money to burn. It seems Patterson had lips that lusted after a frosty beverage.

But, 5 beers? C’mon Patterson. You drink 5 beers and nearly get tasered? Pansy.

The good news here for Jacksonvillians – or whatever you’re called. Empty seats! More blackouts! Trips to the bars! Ordering the NFL TV package!

[Jaguars ticket sales manager resigns after arrest]

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