Daily Dump: Erin Andrews Joins Facebook!, Irina Shayk To Marry C. Ronaldo, Reby Sky Busting Balls, Linda Hogan Banging Nick’s H.S. Buddy, Free Agent WAGs For OchoCinco, Skip Bayless Gun Show, Yurizan’s Giant Puppies & Ke$sha’s Jorts

AnnaLynne McCord (in white bikini) at some pool party w/ Bud Light product placement.

From Page Six:

A Drunk customer interrupted a Popchips-sponsored meet-and-greet with former Knick John Starks at the grand opening of Duane Readeon Union Square the other night. “This guy filled his shirt with stuff and security caught him,” said a witness. “While they were escorting him out, he was screaming, ‘I just want John Starks’ autograph!’ “

Not doing anything Friday night in San Antonio?

The Cowboys will be the first team to open training camp with a huge pep rally where Jerry will try to suck even more money out of fans that will gladly show up to an event just to see a bunch of guys walk around a football field. The Hall of Fame game is like 3 weeks out.

And finally, Joe Haden is most likely going to hold out of Browns training camp. Congrats, Cleveland fans. All athletes hate your city.



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