Canadian Football Naked Streaker Jukes 6 Police Defensive Backs


…and the stories out of the Canadian Football League just continue to roll into the BC inbox.

We were tipped off by BCBrad about a naked streaker who interrupted Friday’s game against Montreal.

“I decided to take my kid to Friday’s game and all of a sudden this guy goes running across the 50 completely naked. I’m sure Big Gay Rich will love this,” Brad said via email.

Well, Brad, we showed it to him and he has been drinking Gatorade at a dizzying pace ever since. Someone is parched.

Video. Jump. Cheerleaders laughing.

Posted: July 17, 2010

Premise of Video: Listen up, ladies, DONG ALERT! Text Becky in accounting and tell her to get her ass up to your cubicle NOW! Watch as this guy splits the defense and nearly makes it all the way to that 25-yard or so end zone.

Climax of Video: Looks like his dong was tripped up at the 15 by a fuzz that looks like he played a little ball back in the day.

Conclusion: Those cheerleaders snickering isn’t exactly going to gain him any street cred with the ladies.

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