5 Questions: Playboy’s Miss August Francesca Frigo Would Consider Leaving Miami For Cleveland, Tales Of Naked Girls Night, Her Dogs & A Love Of Tacos


The infamous Busted Coverage feature “5 Questions” makes its triumphant return this afternoon via a Q&A we somehow managed to pull off last night with Playboy’s Miss August 2010 Francesca Frigo.

Would BC editors preferred to have a phone conversation with the half Italian, half Venezuelan beauty who now calls Miami home? Of course, but the PR agents weren’t exactly hooking us up.

Instead we pumped out 5 Questions that aren’t the usual bullshit asked by radio dorks and print guys.

What did we find out about Ms. Frigo? She would totally pull a reverse LeBron James and move to Cleveland from Miami, she once answered a door naked for the room service waiter and the stacked beauty has yet to be hit on by Pauly Shore. Give it time, honey. He’ll be calling in no time.

1. What would it take for you to pull a reverse LeBron James and leave Miami to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.? The great people of Cleveland are desperate for something to cheer them up.

A.: I grew up near the beautiful beaches in Venezuela, Always swimming in the ocean and working on my tan..  However , If I met the perfect man and his life was in Cleveland or in Egypt for that matter I would always follow my heart !!   BUT,  Now that Lebron James is here in Miami, it would talk a little more Convincing  !!

2. We actually live in Ohio so our lives are boring and overcast for like 9.5 months. Can you cheer us up with a great story of a hot Miami night where maybe a lack of clothes just happened to occur?

A: I went out for a girls night with a bunch of friends, and after a great time of drinking and laughing we were all a little too tipsy to drive.  So, we rented a hotel room on south beach. We went to sleep finally around 6AM,  When we woke up at noon and ordered room service, I opened the door for the waiter, not realizing that I was completely naked!!  I was so embarassed!!

3. Your dogs are named Beauty and Taco. Please explain this choice of names to American men who are extremely ignorant to the fact that cute dog names can get chicks.

A: First of all,  regardless what dogs names are, they are always chick magnets !!  It shows a woman a mans sensitive side..  My dogs names are Taco and Beauty.  Taco is a Chihuahua and Mexican, I love mexican food and Taco’s are my favorite !!  Beauty is the most delicious beautiful Yorkshire Terrier ever and I was hoping I would one day get a rotweiller and name him “Beast”.  Instead I got 2 female rotties, their names are Lucky and Diva :)

4. International school of design, eh? What’s that all about? And at this point isn’t school just a huge waste of time with all this Playboy action going on?

A: An education is very important to anyone..It is something you will have with you for the rest of your life.  While Playboy is one of the greatest experiences of my life, I aspire to be a successful fashion designer one day.

5. Playboy Playmates have hordes of famous men attacking them from all angles. Any famous dorks (football/movies/bloggers) been trying out their Spanish on you? Please tell us that Pauly Shore hasn’t taken you to dinner. Any interest in a quiet, romantic dinner in Ohio if you ever come to town?

A: Being in Miami for the past 5 years, I have been hit on almost every time I leave the house and by men from all walks of life, from athletes to business man to celebrities to the man who washes my car. It is what kind of person they are and personality is what is important to me. I have not yet met Pauly Shore.


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[Francesca Frigo – Twitter]

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