Video: Daytona Cubs Fan Gets Tased While Scuffling With Police!

Update: We’ve chatted with the vlogger of this masterpiece and Paulie reports this incident took place during the 7th inning of Saturday’s Daytona Cubs-Ft. Myers (Twins) game. “Well this guy was drunk from what we could tell from the start of the game,” Paulie reports. Also, on a sidenote, that really is the visitor’s bullpen.

Earlier: We’re still efforting to figure out an exact date that this happened at a Daytona Cubs minor league baseball game, but according to a YouTube posting, this is a fan being tased after a quick struggle with stadium police.

To say this is awesome video is an understatement.

Enjoy the barbs going into the dude after the jump.

Posted: July 17, 2010

Premise of Video: From the vlogger, “Fan gets tased at cubs game.” From the look of things that is right next to a bullpen. Take cover, boys!

Climax of Video: Listen to that Taser being fired! Awesome!

Conclusion: Suck it, Phillies fan. This guy didn’t even get to run onto the field.

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