Matthew Stafford’s Caribbean Vacation Photo Album: Nipples, Sunburns, GF Kelly Hall In Bikinis, Exotic Salsa, Private Jets & A Team USA Soccer Shirt

The last time we checked in with Matthew Stafford and his girlfriend Kelly Hall she had her head between a friend’s legs and Staff’s was attending some wedding.

Today we chase down the couple in the Caribbean where they recently visited Anguilla with a few friends for some R&R before the Lions QB gets his ribs cracked by the NFC Central.

It appears the insanely rich 1st overall draft pick used some of his cash to treat the friends to a private jet (with finger foods & exotic salsa!) and accommodations.

Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich reports that these photos were just posted over the last 24 hours and seem to be hot off the press because of Stafford sporting the Team USA soccer shirt that all the bandwagoneers picked up over the last 6 weeks.

What can we report via these photos? Not much other than the fact that Stafford seems to be very relaxed and looks healthy to us, which is good news to Lions fan who won’t be saying the same by early November when his shoulder is crushed by some 325-lb. DT.

Analyze accordingly, Detroit media.

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