Daily Dump: The Amazing New Irina Shayk Photos, John Daly’s Awesome British Open Blazer, Bob Carpenter & Rob Dibble Drinking Game, A Wheelchair Streaker, 105 Homemaking Hotties, Alley’s Implants & New Olivia Munn


Brit WAG Alex Curran shows off what she was shopping for in South Africa.

Big Ben was taking a leak on a golf course?

If Nan keeps running her big mouth we figure Big Ben has something to keep her quiet. A few drinks, a bar bathroom and he’ll hook her up.

We watched the Deadliest Catch “Phil Dies” episode last night and it was quite sad to see a defeated man who was on his death bed. We’ve watched plenty of reality TV and can’t seem to remember ever seeing a dude about to die and it being tied into a show. But, as The Decision changed sports, last night’s Catch might have changed the game of reality TV.

Who will be the first A-lister to allow cameras to show him/her on a death bed? It’s coming, folks.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with pics of model Irina Shayk that you have to see – amazing [Yeeeah]

You have to see John Daly’s British Open photo-op blazer (next to Tiger) [Wei Under Par]

You also need to see one of the Spanish W.C. toolbags nearly falling off a bus [Dirty Tackle]

One more time – Eric Johnson mounting Jessica Simpson [Guyism]

The very first wheelchair streaker in Canadian Football League history? [The Sporting Blog]

Did Big Ben piss on a OH golf course? Did Nan see Big Ben flop it out? [ProFootballTalk]

While we’re hearing stories of The Boss….Yanks bat boy talks about George [Slate]

In the market to win a pink MMA arm cast from Rich Franklin? You can! [CageWriter]

It’s finally here! The Bob Carpenter & Rob Dibble Drinking Game! [Mister Irrelevant]

Cool post: Sports Villains & Their Celebrity Counterparts [It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

Is this the face of a clown who’d assault his teenage stepdaughter [OneQuickBeer]

Today’s Tail:

105 Women Doing Dirty Poses In A Kitchen – Homemaking Hotties [Coed]

NSFW T&A That’ll Get You Fired – Alley’s implants will poke your eyes out [Boobie Blog]

Playboy’s Miss August wrapped in caution tape [BroBible]

For those of you in St. Louis….A Gateway City T&A pool party! [Inside STL]

Katie gives us the best two finger bra you’ll see all day (NSFW Ads) [LAX Time]

The South African lingerie model that checks in at nearly 6 ft. tall! [Uncoached]

Hollyoaks chick Jessica Hall comes to America to actually get some sun this summer [DJ Mick]

You idiots can have all these women – give us Heather Graham in this! [CityRag]

How about some new Olivia Munn pics to peruse? Who’s game? [The Beer Goggler]

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