Cuff 'Em: The Face Of A Tennessee Footballer Ass Kicking

Yes, we are aware of the U. of Tennessee football players kicking the shit out of a random double-chinner in Knoxville.

It was your run of the mill bar fight that years ago would have just been another ass kicking courtesy of football players.

Now garbage like this gets blown into a national story where ESPN uses one of its local ‘correspondents’ to go ask double-chinner his side of the story and the guy, Gary Russell, tells the WWL freelancer that he feared there wouldn’t be any more 35 chicken wing meals on a Vols gameday.

“If not for my friends jumping in, I would be dead or brain-dead,” Russell told some fellow double-chinner local dork ‘contributor.’

Russell said one player held his head up, while others punched him in the face and stomped on his chest. Russell said Vol defensive tackle Montori Hughes and wide receiver Denarious Moore were the only two players he could identify.

Russell said Hughes started the fight by pushing him and then punching him after Russell accidentally bumped into Hughes after returning from the bathroom.

Russell stands in at 5-8. Hughes is 6-4 312 on a diet.

We suggest these two shake hands, have dinner together at a buffet and make ammends because there is football to play, dammit.

Give double-chinner a few lower bowl tickets, a few soda pops and a UT foam finger and move on.

And one more piece of advice for this Russell character. If you want people to take your ass kicking seriously, don’t be throwing up signs in the photo released by police. It doesn’t exactly scream ‘death.’ No fingers, douchebag.

[Man Claims He Was Beaten By Vols]