The Afternoon Dump: Classic Moments With George Steinbrenner, Biggest Games Of 2010 NCAAF Season, Fat Kid Gets Upset Over Prank, Mel Gibson Yells At Dora, Olivia Munn In 944 Magazine, & Whitney Port On Vacation


Jessica Biel cleans up real good.

Didn’t sleep at all last night. Worked at this morning at 6. Not a good idea. Don’t ever workout if you haven’t slept.

The All Star game is tonight. I am going to pick the AL. They have won 12 out of the last 13 but they haven’t lost once in the last 13. They had that stupid tie a few years back.

Nap time.

Afternoon Dump
10 classic moments with George Steinbrenner [EgoTV]
The five biggest games of the 2010 NCAAF season [Bleacher Report]
The best of the all star legends celebrity softball game [unathletic]
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Fat sleeping kid vs. air horn [Regretful Morning]
Now I know what kind of cologne to wear to get chicks [Spewf]
Mel Gibson tells Dora the Explorer what is up (language NSFW) [Guyism]
Cara Skye will make you appreciate 5’2″ girls [F-Listed]
Olivia Munn sexes up the pages of 944 magazine [The Beer Goggler]
Whitney Port went on vacation in her bikini [Don Chavez]
Rosie Jones looks great in black lingerie [Next Round]
Kim Kardashian makes herself useuful [Celebrity Odor]

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