Soccer Boss Flavio Briatore Still Asshole-ish Fat Guy Who Sperminated Heidi Klum & This Chick


Flavio Briatore is some famous Italian billionaire who is best known as the enormous fat guy who used his wallet to drop Heidi Klum’s panties in one of the greatest ‘Dude, your dick has no business in that poon,’ moments in male history.

The soccer boss also knows how to treat a woman. You want my money? You deal with shitty diapers.

But despite revelling in his new role of fatherhood, the traditionalist insists he won’t be changing Falco’s nappies any time soon.

He said: ‘No, no, That really is the woman’s job. I’m good but I’m not that good.

[Briatore’s wife Elisabetta regains her Wonderbra model figure…]

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