Nightcapper: The 2010 WSOP Chick In Mini-Skirt With Pitbull

Why is there a very attractive woman walking a pitbull inside the convention halls at the 2010 World Series of Poker?

FullTilt signed him to a promotional deal?

Look, we have no f@cking clue as to how a chick walks past Rio security and into a poker room. It’s one of those random things in life that normal, educated people cannot possibly comprehend. Dogs? Casino? Nope, never thought of bringing our St. Bernard into Mandalay Bay to sniff the awesome lobby fragrance.

Not that we’d tell her this was against the rules. Take the dog out of the equation and our loser asses still aren’t asking her for her Twitter handle.

[Girls On The Rail – More Pics Of Pitbull Chick – Wicked Chops Poker]

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Bob writes (re: Which Black Guy On “LeDecision” Likes….) : “Jon Barry is white you idiot. His dad is rick barry nba hall of famer and White guy. Hell Rick was even accused of being border line racist when he played.”

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