Which Black Guy On "LeDecision" ESPN Roundtable Likes Cuervo Girls That Aren't His Wife?

Somehow BC had a conversation last night at the bar where things turned to discussing the previous fun had by the “LeDecision” ESPN crew.
Our friend never knew the story of how one of the four above shared some alcoholic beverages and fun one night with some Cuervo Girls after a golf tournament.
So, for all of those out there who are late to the Busted Coverage party, we give you “Name The Black (ESPN) Guy Who Likes Cuervo Girls.”

There he is!
It’s Jon Barry, a guy one or two Orange Glow’s away from looking like Al Sharpton. Here we have Jon back in the day at a celebrity golf outing where he takes the party to the bar and allows himself to be turned into a jungle gym by a chick that isn’t his wife.
We’ve actually been on the hunt for more Barry shenanigans so if you have anything we need to see from his vault, by all means, send them over.
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