The Afternoon Dump: The Angriest Sports Owners, Sexy Home Run Derby, 32 Reasons Why Lebron Picked Miami, Toy’s That Your Child Shouldn’t Own, Anissa Holmes Is A Great Lady Friend, The Curvy Nicole Scherzinger, & Sexy Havy Jaf

I just don’t know which girl to look at it, they all look amazing.

Looks like I failed on my Lebron pick. This is just another reason proving that the NBA sucks. I thought he was going to stay in Cleveland to prove that he could win a championship on his own but instead he goes to Miami where he will play with two all stars and maybe Shaq. I hope the Heat suck next year and the Cavs are good. That would be awesome.

I am not a Cavaliers fan, I personally am not a fan of the NBA either.

It’s Friday, do something crazy this weekend.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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