Photos: Jordan Carver's Giant Boobs Root For Germany In World Cup, Go Home Perky But Sad

What will we take with us from the 2010 World Cup?

The convergence of boobs, sex, promises of sex, promises of BJs, women who know how to use Twitter and women who know their boobs can be instant celebrities via national colors.

For the Riquelmes, Vettes, Edens, etc. of the world, this was their stage. After yesterday, you can add Jordan Carver to that list. The pinup model somehow managed to work her giant boobs into a Germany tank top.

The rest is history.

To be honest, we’re not even sure these photos are from yesterday. But in the Internet world that doesn’t even matter. They could be from June and not a soul would care.

At this point you aren’t even reading this so we’ll just stop.

Photos. Gallery. BOOBS! JORDAN CARVER!

[Jordan Carver – Twitter]

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