Daily Dump: LSU Chick Pole Dancing Video Not To Be Missed, C@cksucker Phil Hellmuth's 2010 WSOP Entrance, Dutch Model Gets Dirty, 25 Hottest Paraguay Ladies, Spanish T&A, Wayne Rooney's Pink Jet Ski, Jessica Hall's Rack & NSFW Sammy Braddy

Brittany to Doc: “Make ’em look like coconuts.” NSFW ads but fantastic photos of Brit!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for all summer.

It’s the day when LeBron James makes Cleveland sports irrelevant for another 100 years. Colt McCoy runs that town now.

Will we watch? Nah, we’ll just wait for all the idiots on Twitter to say ‘I called it.’

We’ll probably pass over crazy sex for that 3-hour SportsCenter that will show you, yet again, the financials on LeBron to just about every NBA team. Then have crazy sex while LeBron gets an hour-long hand job from Stephen A. Smith with a side of verbal fellatio from Mike Wilbon.

And you idiots wonder why we despise the NBA. It’s a horrible sports league that would be irrelevant if ESPN didn’t have the TV rights.

Monday morning ESPN can go back to running 12 hours of Brett Favre coverage. Enjoy your fucking vacation, Ed Werder. That shit is about to end.



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