Cuff 'Em: Randy Walker Is Former ESPNer Who Was Looking To Bang A 15-Year-Old

Somehow we’re just becoming aware of the story out of Arkansas where a guy by the name of Randy Walker Schoening was arrested last week for wanting to hook up with a 15-year old.

Think a Chris Hanson setup.

But here is the catch. Randy, who uses Walker as his last name for entertainment work, happens to be kinda important in the outdoors world. And he has worked for ESPN. And CNN. And the Outdoors Channel (here is the cached version of Randy on Adventure Bound Outdoors before he was yanked). And has done motivational speaking at high schools. And for the National Rifle Association. And for

Yep, his ass is toast.

And he admits he wanted to bang the 15-year-old.

From the Times-Record (Ark.):

Schoening arranged the encounter with someone he believed to be a teenage girl during a chat session on a popular Internet instant messenger, according to a police report.

“Schoening stated early on in the conversation that he might be willing to drive to Van Buren to see me, and later on in the chat, mentioned wanting to have sex with what he thought was a 15-year-old female,” the undercover detective stated in the report.

Inside the interview room of the Police Department, Schoening admitted that “he drove to Van Buren to have sex with what he thought was a 15-year-old female,” according to the report.

“Schoening stated that he had no other excuse of why he did this except that he made a bad decision,” the undercover detective stated in the report.

Dude calls himself “The Man Who Motivates.”

Oh, and the Adventure Bound Outdoors gig that Mr. Walker held? Yeah, the people behind the show are kinda into God, guns and church.

And Tim Tebow.

Go look at the show’s Facebook page where any mention of Walker was promptly cleansed.

Just saying.

[Reported Sportscaster Arrested In Sex Sting]

[Randy Walker Schoening – LinkedIn]

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