Cuff 'Em: Is That The Bald Head Of A Girls Basketball Coach Who'd Send His Team A Racy Message?

From last week’s Columbus Dispatch. It somehow got past our Google Alerts setting.

(Coach) Zollinger resigned 18 months ago after he admitted to sending a female student the text message: “Didn’t c any tan lines in that pic. U were layin out on the nude beach weren’t u! Have a great day. Iluvmshhh.”

It was addressed to a “hot … mama,” but was mistakenly sent to his entire girls basketball team.

Innocent mistake?

Police say this toolbag was also doing a student at the same school where he coached.

Let this be a lesson to all of you toolbags out there who are doing the secretary and the woman in accounting where you work. Be sober when you text them. Double check your work. Ask a friend to copy edit if it comes down to it.

[Former Lancaster coach indicted on sex charges]

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