Bikini Model Dallys Ferreira Promises Massive Amounts Of Sex If Paraguay Wins World Cup

Update: The world is mesmerized by Larissa Riquelme and her cellphone rack. But, before there was Ms. Larissa promising to get naked for Paraguay, there is a woman by the name of Dallys Ferreira and her promise of massive sex if Paraguay won the World Cup. The following was originally published March 13. Updates tomorrow, including new pics if we can find them. Maybe she’ll promise the same thing to the Spanish team.
There is a story floating around South America about a Paraguayan model who promises to do something so outstanding for her country that we had to tell Busted Coverage readers about this news.
Dallys Ferreira is a bikini model who doesn’t shy away from showing off the rack.
She also isn’t shy when it comes to her promise to the men of Paraguay if her home country wins the World Cup.
There will be sex. Lots of it. And she throws around the world nympho like Peyton Manning hitting the slant route. Continuously.

Our Spanish (or whatever language Paraguayans speak) translators have been busy this morning figuring out exactly what Dallys wants to give men, but it goes something like this.

Dallys Ferreira, beautiful vedette Paraguayan that prevails in Argentina, has assured that if Paraguay gains the Glass of the World it will turn into a species of ninfómana.
“If albirroja gets to gain the World-wide one I will have sex all night all along. If I am going to be able? The women of my earth we are very fogosas”, has affirmed in an interview.
Dallys Ferreyra admits that “when I have sex, if there am to speak or I do to whisper it in Castilian, not in guaraní, because my language is not indeed most sensual than it has”. It says that “I am very passional in the bed and in my first appointments enchant to me to go beyond which habitually is established”.

Yeah, it’s a little hard to follow but, as men, we get the most important part.
Our advice on how to handle this if you live in Paraguay and plan on helping her fulfill these dreams: gamble on Paraguay.
Throw down some coin on Paraguay to advance out of Group F at -162.
Then take your winnings, hope like hell the home team wins it all, spend some quality time with Dallys and have that extra cash in your pocket for the hepatitis test.
[Dallys Ferreira assures that it will become ninfómana if Paraguay gains the Glass of the World]

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