Video: Adult Texas Rangers Fan Pins Kid Against Fence In Home Run Ball Scramble

rangers fan vs little kid home run ball

The weirdness in Arlington tonight is thankfully over.

The Rangers beat the Indians 12-1, but the game was marred by a fan falling two levels after trying to catch a foul ball and then there was this situation late in the game where a home run ball turned into a scrum.

An adult pinned a young boy against a wire fence, causing the youngster to lose it and so did the Rangers broadcast team.

Video after the jump.

Ask yourself how badly a home run ball is needed by an adult.

If you’ve ever fought a child over a ball at a baseball stadium, and you are over 18, we’d like your punishment to be a choking up against this wire.

Until you pass out. And turn green.

Chill out, folks. It’s a damn ball.

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