Nightcapper: The 10 Hottest Women Playing At The 2010 World Series Of Poker


While the rest of you were getting drunk and eating ribs for the last 4-5 days, our friends at were busy keeping an eye on the women who are keeping the 2010 World Series of Poker interesting.

Whether the ladies are playing or sweating the action from the rail, Wicked has photographed a stable of ladies that are very BC worthy and deserve a ranking in the “1st Annual Hottest Women Playing At The 2010 World Series of Poker.”

The hands down winner of this competition is the young lady above. Francesca Fioretti.

This Italian model was in town to play in some WSOP tourney that was raising money for Africa or some other shithole nation that’ll piss away the money when it gets transferred into their Paypal acc0unt. We actually pray for more tragedy around the world so that Ms. Fioretti will show up – and smile.

The other entrants in our contest…after the jump. Click, your GF/wife will totally approve.

Lacey Jones

One minute you have chips and the next thing you know those chips are stacked in front of Lacey’s boobs. And it’s not even magic.

Sara Jean Underwood

Our all-time favorite former Oregon State student is actually playing in the WSOP Main Event and actually picking up chips. We totally approve of her showing the shoulder because for $10k it is the least she could give the donkeys who’ll be out in 1.5 hrs.

Tiffany Michelle

She’s like the Marisa Miller of the poker circuit. Cameras, and guys with horrible BO who watch too much South Park between 35 hour poker benders, are naturally attracted to her.

Samantha Ryan

Tiffany Michelle tweeted this about her porn star friend at the WSOP:

Getting railed by @SammyRyRy is never a bad day!!! ;-)

We rest our case.

Shanna Moakler

She might be the most annoying hot chick to enter the WSOP but she is fresh meat to experienced poker dorks. She is just one of Ultimate Bet’s hot chick entrants. $10k to enter her. Millions to be made when ESPN cameras show her sucking out on some acne faced Swede.

Trishelle Cannatella

Absolute Poker went to the hot chick hopper and pulled out Trishelle or Real World Vegas fame. You might remember her as the chick that would do a door stopper if it gave her enough alcohol. Again, the object here is for her to stick around long enough for ESPN to find an angle to get her face time. Maybe Norm Chad spilling a cream soda in her lap?

Shannon Elizabeth

For those who thought it was just a fad for Shannon Elizabeth and poker – suck it! The young lady you spent plenty of alone time with back in 2000 has turned into one of the more talented female players in the world. And she’s even taken up shooting guns between tournaments. If only she was into guys who play online 4-8 Limit on Saturday nights in the spare bedroom.

Vanessa Rousso went to the hot chick hopper and pulled out Ms. Rousso, a former University of Miami law student and a Duke graduate. In economics. You’ll be seeing plenty of Vanessa via her new job promoting In other words, plan on a commercial where she’s sprawled across a bed playing heads-up poker with Danica Patrick. Or something like that.

Liz Lieu

We’d be remiss if there wasn’t an Asian on our 1st annual list. Personally, we feel the best was saved for last. Ms. Lieu has very few issues with showing cleavage and then stealing your chips. She started playing the WSOP in 2005, way before some of these pretty faces even knew what an inside straight was.

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